Kiel Hodges

I work as a developer for a buzzword-compliant Internet startup called VerticalOne? (Java, EnterpriseJavaBeans, XML).

I was previously at Bass Hotels & Resorts. Projects there included:

That experience taught me that: Over the years, I've also wound my way through PL/I, lots of assembler, C, C++, Rexx, Forth and several others. Recently I've been learning a bit of Smalltalk, though I don't have an immediate application for it. It brought back fond memories of working in a truly interactive programming environment. Great!

Besides computers and software, my interests include BirdWatching, TaiChi, ConversationalTopology? and my family.

I can be contacted at:

Hi Kiel, I made a small change to your code at YouReallyArentGonnaNeedThis I think this most effective

try {
} catch (InternalError e) {
          throw new InternalError();

see WikiNamePluralProblem to read more about ThisWayOfEditting


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