Meta Wiki Search Engine

Since there is already a MetaWiki page, I'll use this page to describe the MetaWiki search engine.

It is an inter-wiki title search with sauce. More information can be found on If you'd like your clone to be listed, follow the instructions on MeatballWiki. I have scripts to process many of the popular engines already.

Naturally, WikiWiki is indexed. -- SunirShah

FractalWiki isn't. Sorry, it is like it's a subwiki of Meatball. But what's the delay between page existence and findability in this search engine? -- PieterJansegers

I have recently (Apr05) requested Sunir to update his reference and he responded on MeatBall he was interested in another person taking over the facility, as he has not got time.

Any body able and willing to take up this good cause? -- dl

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