National Public Radio

One of the last decent places to listen to a talk show. Unless you are a HowardStern fan.

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(There's always

I don't find their talk shows too edifying. Everyone sitting around agreeing to everything, no real diversity of opinion. The only thing that distinguished it from other talk radio is a lower decibel level.

What about DavidSedaris?? PrairieHomeCompanion?? -- NickBensema

There's some truth in that, but it varies by time and day quite a bit. Bear in mind the time difference. At appropriate times, if you email a show, the message is likely to be broadcast. You can even telephone from the USA (or anywhere) and ask to be called back.

NPR has an extreme right-wing bias, as bad as CNN or MSNBC. For their reporters to maintain access to various government crooks, they often under-report on their crimes.

PrairieHomeCompanion? is not a NPR show--it's a PublicRadioInternational? show [formerly APR]. On the other hand, CarTalk is NPR. The problem now is that all NPR stations are becoming the same. In the Washington, DC area, WAMU changed its schedule to be nearly a clone of WETA. The bluegrass fans were not pleased. -- EricJablow

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