Radio Stations

Radio remains one of the most popular media in the Philippines and other countries. It is dirt cheap, illiterate-friendly and can be accessed even from the remotest parts of the globe, even sans electricity. One of the radio stations in the Philippines is DYAB AM of the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. Its news and public affairs format has established DYAB as one of the country's premier medium of information, public service and entertainment.

Well the RIAA has had there way to some extent, many internet radio stations have been force off. Here is a spoof on their website:

Detroit Public Radio 101.9 FM

Shoutcast: Web Based Music Stations

From May 2002:


The battle to save Internet Radio is far from over

The RIAA (through their Sound Exchange division) just ran a full-page ad in Billboard magazine urging record labels and artists to ask congress NOT TO LISTEN TO WEBCASTERS and keep the rates incredible high. The bottom line is the RIAA wants these rates high because they get a percentage of them. And they don't even represent the majority of artists played on Soma FM. This isn't about the artists - it's about supporting the RIAA, a multi-million dollar organization. (The Sound Exchange division alone has an annual budget of millions of dollars a year)

Thanks to your support, we are being heard by Congress!

If you haven't done so already, please CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN, ask to speak to the aide who handles internet and intellectual property issues, and let them know what internet radio means to you

goto for a zip code based catalog of congress people.

Soma FM is commercial free and supported entirely by our listeners

Bandwidth is expensive! Your donation of any amount helps us stay on the air, providing commercial free music that can't be found anywhere else. Thanks!

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