Howard Stern

A very boring and tedious ShockJock who exploited WhatYouResistPersists to catapult his career into mega-stardom.

Back when he had like only 2 morning drive-time markets (NYC and Philly), he managed to get so annoying that Tipper Gore (?) tried to have the FCC and Congress pass a law against potty-mouthed chain yanking.

They resisted, he got his name in the news nationwide, he persisted, and now his lame drivel infects at least one radio station, sometimes more, in every market in the USA.

Howard Stern is the only reason I listen to radio anymore.

For me, HowardStern is one of the bright points of traveling. He is not available in my hometown, so I only get the chance to hear him when I'm on the road.

For the love of god(s) tell us what hometown that is so we can move there.

There are no radio dials in your hometown? I admit, that doesn't solve having to hear about his show around the water cooler.

I would treasure living in an untainted media market - where the moguls simply know better. This is one of my life's goals.

But, of course, another of my life's goals is to share a quiet moment with Courtney Love...

How does living in a town where HowardStern is carried "taint" your media market? Just listen to something else.

Caution: the market that's "Too Good for HowardStern" may contain something much worse.

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