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I am interested in: Languages I used and grokked (did some useful programs or large systems): Languages I grokked (learned and toyed around): Languages I tried to grok and puked Languages I should have grokked Languages I am trying to grok My GreatBooksListGeraldoXexeo (see below)

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Geraldo: There is a project in here somewhere, and it's a 'for-profit' one! In a world of 'convergence''ve converged. I am hoping we might tag along. Let us know.

Best regards, -- Ken

Geraldo, don't take it personally if someone modifies your content or removes your signature from something you wrote. Wiki has a different idea of authorship compared to other forums. If someone revises something you wrote, they might remove your signature so others know that it isn't the work of just one person. -- RobHarwood

Hi Rob! I am actually happy if someone interacts. However, should I sign what I write or not? It seems to me that signing was a GoodThing.

They can be a GoodThing or a BadThing, depending on your perspective. See UsingSignatures for some discussion of it. Sometimes I sign, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I read something I wrote a while ago and remove the signature. I do believe that DocumentMode is better than ThreadMode, and I also believe that DocumentMode should (usually) present an anonymous document section at the top of the page, but that's just my opinion. It's up to you if you want to sign your contributions, I just wanted to make sure you didn't get offended when I noticed you restored one of your signatures that had been removed.

Fun... I was just signing things I had written before and thought that should be signed. Not even noticed that you had deleted the signature... ;-)

[moved from GreatBooksListGeraldoXexeo]

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