Thank The Author

... authors invest much of their time, and risk their reputations by putting their intellectual achievement out for criticism. By doing so, they can contribute richly to the body of literature on which practice is based, and by which the industry moves forward. The authors deserve our gratitude.

* * *

Most people want recognition for their valuable contributions.

We feel good when we help someone, particularly when we are recognized for our contribution. It is a high point in an engineer's work program when a customer thanks or recognizes them for having solved an important problem.

Most of the writer's workshop focuses on evaluating and scrutinizing the author's work, which elicits an emotional response that's antithetical to that engendered by gratitude.

WritersWorkshops can be draining on the author; authors must be keenly alert and "keep their guard up" during a review, even though they have no chance to retort.


End the WritersWorkshop with a display of gratitude for the author. It's particularly effective if the moderator asks the author to remain seated while all reviewers stand and applaud the author.

This brings the ceremony to closure, helps authors let down their guard and fully recognize that the people around them are there to support and refine the work, and that they appreciate the author.

* * *

Broad publication, in a recognized and highly reviewed journal or book, also is good for the author's stature and self-image.

Gratitude has been called the most powerful of human emotions.

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-- JimCoplien 1996/8/26

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