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(Visitors to this page might be interested in a Wiki that's been set up entirely for the purposes of playing a Nomic at Initially it evolved into a surreal text-map-based sports game. For some time was down and the game fell into dormancy. As of mid-June 2001 we are looking for interest in reviving it again and taking it in a new direction.)

Rule 1 : Changing any of the Rules of this Nomic is prohibited except where specifically permitted by the Rules of this Nomic Status : Active

Rule 2 : Whatever is not prohibited by the Rules of this Nomic is permitted. Status : Active

Rule 3 : When a rule contradicts another rule, the more specific rule has priority, while both rules stay legal. Status : Active

Rule 4 : TunaSandwiches? are prohibited. Status : Active

Rule 5 : When a rule directly contradicts another rule, the rule with the lower number has priority. Status : Active

Rule 6 : Players of WikiNomic include WikiNomic in their HomePages. Status : Active

Rule 8 : Opened braces must be closed. Status : Active

Rule 10 : All WikiPages including the WikiLink WikiNomic are part of WikiNomic. Status : Active, see Judgement

Rule 11 : For every two already existing rules Rule A and Rule B, the quotient of the two rules numbers A/B must stay unchanged. Status : Active

Call for Judgement 1 : by Rules 4 and 10, WikiTunaJourney (as of May 2003, WTJ no longer exists. I've de-linked all occasions of it but left it for posterity --EarleMartin) is prohibited.

That is difficult. At the moment (01 Nov 2000, 22:05, CET) WikiTunaJourney is not necessarily part of WikiNomic. It may depend on the interpretation of 'including'. Does it mean 'with' or 'also counting'?

You call it as you see it; feel free to dismiss the CFJ as a deliberate attempt to misconstrue PlainEnglish. (You did volunteer to Judge that CFJ, didn't you ?)

''By Rule 2, anyone can take the role of Judge for a given CFJ. So, I volunteer. Also by rule 2, I can disambiguate Rule 10, to prevent immediate collapse of the game: 'including' means 'contains within it, directly or indirectly'. (An alternative would be to remove one or both rules, which is a more drastic change than is strictly necessary to resolve the impasse.)

I did not see any mention of 'sandwich' on WikiTunaJourney although the sneaky Italian passages might have mentioned breads or other lunch-fixings therein. Rule 10 is not violated, thus Dismissed. JosephBeckenbach ''

Call for Judgement 2 : by rules 4 and 10, the page WikiNomic is prohibited.

While Rule 2 talks about what is permitted to be done, Rule 4 talks about what is permitted to exist inside WikiNomic. Rule 4 disallows that unmentionable sandwich, while Rule 10 adds all WikiPages to the Universe of WikiNomic. Obviously, Rule 10 should add all but that specific sandwich page to WikiNomic.

As part of the Ruling, two new rules are added to clarify what is meant in this situation. To allow entering of new rules before existing rules, without renumbering, rule numbers are multiplied by 2. Added a Status Tag to show what is going on. PeterSchaefer

Um, I just found this page (in fact, I just found out about Wiki), but I have played various nomics for several years.

I'm surprised no one has suggested (until now) that Rule 4 prohibits actual, physical, bread-and-tuna tuna sandwiches, but does not prohibit mention of tuna sandwiches. Now, since I just discovered Wiki I can't say for sure, but it seems very unlikely to me that any WikiPages contain actual tuna sandwiches.


P.S. and if you're deliberately exploring what happens when you don't distinguish between an object and a reference to that object, then I apologize, and can only give as my excuse the fact that I've been playing in "the serious nomic" for far too long.


I think that Tuna-mmm-Sandwiches appears in CamelCase indicates that it is somehow special and, although possibly related, is not the real thing one might eat for lunch. However, if such a page were to exist on this wiki, it would have "Tuna Sandwiches" appear as its title. Does prohibitting Tuna-mmm-Sandwiches prohibit specific wiki pages from existence? (And does doing so in turn deny that o-so-tasty lunch item?) Also, does the rule prohibit the mention of Tuna-mmm-Sandwiches? Because if it does, then it is in violation of itself and thus... what? And of course the most important question of all, is a TunaSandwich prohibited?

Look at:

for more info on the NomicGame subject. -- OleAndersen

Ok, I am new here but rules 3 and 5 create an infinite loop, yes? #3 gives preference to the more specific #5, which in turn gives preference to the lower-numbered #3, which itself gives preference to #5........... I suggest we strike the "while both rules stay legal" part from #3. --JosephStyons

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