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WikiWikiWeb has been around for a long, long time. Productivity Award winner in Web Sites and Developer Networks category of "Software Development Magazine" (see We deserve a pat on the back!

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Well, not news exactly. This excerpt is from a UK weekly net-news roundup mailing list called NeedToKnow, dated 20 November 1998:

 Tim Berners-Lee, [TimBernersLee] as we recall, is always moaning about how
 the Web was *supposed* to be annotatable - it should be as
 easy to add and edit Web documents, he says, as it is to
 browse them. To see what kind of mess that would have lead
 to, you might like to check out the WIKI WIKI WEB, an easy
 to set-up, easy-to-understand, impossible-to-administrate
 "collaborative environment". In many ways, it's a
 self-perpetuating mess (it took us half an hour to work out
 how to get the source), but - like the Xanadu project it
 superficially resembles - it can't help but gland a few key
 geek hormones. The original Wiki is a tiny Perl script, but
 versions now exist in Python, Squeak, and other places where
 geeks do the Right Thing so much it becomes Wrong Again.
- start here, we guess
- aha! found it


What do you think? fair commentary?

-- DavidMcNicol

Not exactly, but if you're a regular reader of NeedToKnow, then you know that the editors Danny and Dave know a lot about blogging/online life/cyber-rights and weird snack foods (respectively), and rather less about the nitty-gritty of technology, so you take their opinion with a pinch of salt.

CNN recently had an article on WikiPedia. See ImminentDeathOfWikiPredicted for more.

German language resources:

-- ChristianKohl?, Nov 07,2003

And link to the Polish magazine, the title is: cooperation against the rules []

-- MD Jan 12,2004

Thank you for mentioning my article in Polish magazine. It is published also in Feb 2004 paper issue of this magazine.

-- AG May 18,2004

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