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A marker set by a person, perhaps even the original author to point out places where edits would may be of benefit, but immediate action is not taken for one or more of the following reasons:

A ToDo marker can be seen as a special case.

Um, we have lots of examples of Wiki pages that have had plenty of refactoring applied to them. Sometimes a skilled WikiMaster will extract a very large portion of the page and place it in its own, new, page. The original page then gets a notation reading something like, "Discussion of Foo-Bar moved to FooBar." The resultant pages (both source and newly created) end up being the better for it.

This is a very cool convention. I am not a skilled WikiMaster, so I don't even attempt such editing and refactoring.

EditHint: This page could do with simplifying, but I am unclear as to how to retain all the original authors' ideas.

EditHint is in a way the super-tag or default of the following specialized refactoring tags:

Seems, that this tag is overused, there are >200 BackLinks. Or maybe there are too few WikiGnomes looking for work here. Or maybe there are more MetaWikiGnomes than WikiGnomes.

It is reflected by an honest admission that the one making the hint has either insufficient knowledge to correct the flaw, or lacks the time and the interest in making the correction. It is overused (presently over 250 pages contain this hint) and seldom acted upon, leading one to question its value, versus discussion about what is wrong and what would make it right. I would rather make an attempt at correction than use this tag which would suggest that someone else should do it. -- DonaldNoyes

I've seen a fair amount of them eventually addressed. Not all, but many. The alternatives have plenty of pitfalls.

What I have done is to have a look at the list and see if there were any which I had been involved in. I found one which I had previously fixed and cleaned it up. -- JohnFletcher

See also: TodoComments, FixmeComment

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