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The WikiEngineReviewTemplate is intended to provide a checklist of attributes to consider in evaluating a WikiEngine. It also discusses WikiFarms which use that WikiEngine.

This annotated copy is intended to clarify the intent of each attribute to avoid confusion and minimize the need for notes on each individual review.

As new attributes are added they should be added in a consistent manner to all current reviews, the WikiEngineReviewTemplate, and this WikiEngineReviewTemplateAnnotated.

New versions of WikiEngines previously reviewed should trigger the creation of a new review page. Reviews of old versions of WikiEngines will be kept because WikiFarms or public WikiSites may continue to use old versions of software rather than upgrade. See WikiEngineReviewNewRelease for the recommended approach to creating a review for a new version of a WikiEngine.

JuergenHermann has developed a naming convention to include the version number in a review. See WikiMoinMoinReview and WikiMoinMoinReviewZeroFive. The approach is self explanatory.

See WikiEngineReview and related pages (CategoryWikiEngineReview) for notes and discussion about these reviews and wikis in general.




If there is more than one WikiFarm, list each as a separate paragraph.





General Note: Several desirable features are often not available. Depending on how the page content is stored, these features can be provided by "packaged" external programs; for example, htDig to provide extended search capability. This section is intended to capture appropriate information.

Extensibility not only depends on page storage alone. The source code, and its organisation, also greatly influence how easy it is to add features. I stress this point because lately MoinMoin got changed a lot to enable exactly this (keywords: plug-ins, Wiki API). -- JuergenHermann


As always, thanks for your comments! I understand what you're saying (I think) but I am trying to focus more on what a non-programming user or administrator can do in the way of providing increased functionality by the use of external programs, not integrated into the WikiEngine software. I probably need to make that more clear. I am resisting learning enough programming to make my own modified wiki (although I will probably learn that much). I wonder if everybody else who is considering a wiki would also consider modifying the program to suit their needs? I guess I don't think so, but I'm not sure. Maybe we are crossing the divide between Linux gurus and Linux users? -- RandyKramer

Even for you as a non-programmer, such a means to plug in components rather easily has consequences: namely, that (other) people write such plug-ins, and you just use them. See and for the practical implications. -- JuergenHermann

Page content will be stored in one of five ways (I think):

  1. a large "hash" file? (dbm?)
  2. a large "text file" with a custom organization
  3. in another custom storage mechanism, perhaps intrinsic to the programming environment (like for Squeak Swikis?)
  4. small text files, one per page
  5. in a database with each page as a record (perhaps with additional information in the same record or in related records)

With at least the last two methods of storage, features not supported directly by the wiki might be obtained easily.

Note: Even if the WikiEngine provides excellent search, import / export, and global search and replace features, the answers to these questions are still interesting.

Working Well with Others

A user may, for example, have a preferred search engine.

Aside: I am still not clear on whether something special must be done to have an internet search engine index dynamically generated pages. If not, the method of storage is irrelevant to the question of using an auxiliary search engine, but is still relevant to global search and replace and import / export.

Nothing special. See CanWebSearchEnginesIndexWikis


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