Wiki Engine Review Browsers Used

This page allows you to create an abbreviation for your browser and computer configuration for use in the "Browsers Used" attribute of a WikiEngineReview.

When you choose an abbreviation, the first portion should be a readily recognizable abbreviation for your browser, and the second portion should be an abbreviation (possibly cryptic) for you or your computer. In the definition, provide relevant details of your computer configuration.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 on Win95, 300 mhz. Cyrix 686, 64 MB, 33.6 k dial up, eastern USA. Colors turned off (somehow) -- finally realized (12/21/00) that I had turned colors off using Tools | Internet Options | Accessibility | Ignore Colors ... . I turned the colors back on -- I can now see MoinMoin diffs, and some things, on some WikiForums, look better. But, I remember why I turned colors off.

On 12/22/00, I tried using Tools | Internet Options | General | Colors to force all text to be black on a white background, but this does not work (at least for DevWiki). 2/15/01 Update: I realized (some time ago) that what I need to do is use Tools | Internet Options | General | Accessibility | Ignore clors specified on Web pages

2/15/01: I'm in the midst of making a transition to Linux, focusing on Mandrake 7.2 and KDE 2.0, with konqueror 1.9.8 as my web browser. konqueror is good now, and promising more, but there are some problems. If you are really interested, you can go to and follow some of the links about konqueror. (This will lead you to All of the work "over there" is pretty rough and definitely unfinished. I also regard it as an interim site until I get some TWikis set up on the wikilearn project account that was approved on SourceForge.

One difference I've noticed (on Ward's Wiki) is that konqueror single spaces between bullets, where IE5 doublespaces. (1) I'm not sure which browser is "right", and (2) it's not a problem with the wiki. (I suspect konqueror has some improvements to make -- kde 2.1 should be out before the end of February, I look forward to seeing what changes.)

-- RandyKramer

But Ward probably already has this info in his server logs? Why not just ask him to put his logs on-line?

Ward is running Apache, so he'll have something in his logs that looks a bit like this (only on a single line): - - [24/Nov/2000:10:15:08 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 304 -
 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; Windows NT 5.0)"

As you can see, there's quite a lot of information there.

I agree, but I'm not sure it's everything I'd like to record. Like colors turned off??


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