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A Java wiki implementation which is fairly mature. Currently works with Apache and JServ on Linux and Win32; work in the pipe to get it working on Tomcat as well. (Tomcat works now but configuration looks hairy.)

Design Highlights

Feature Highlights

-- RusHeywood

Additional features:

Newly released (August 10, 2003): -- AveryRegier

I'm using DevWiki on my development box and am considering promoting it to deployment. Nice work, Rus! You might want to work on getting your Web site links settled down. I seem to need to resort to a Web search every time I need to find your site. Another big problem is the JSERV dependency when most of us (?) are using Tomcat. I wound up using a Tomcat version provided by one of your users, but his wiki directory organization bore no resemblance to yours. This makes it very confusing. I'd be happy to provide the Tomcat changes; config files mostly. -- BradCox

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