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How can I download the WikiWikiWeb's engine and use it in my server? -- Frequently asked question.

The software that runs this wiki is not available. You may:

The only person who can tell you why it isn't available is its creator, WardCunningham, and he appears unwilling to do so.

Have you asked him to on his page?

Yes... I just did. Forgot to do it last time. Sorry. -- AnonymousDonor

Update: Why still no answer? -- AnonymousDonor [How long was the interval?]

I wonder why too! -- Anonymous Wikifan 2

I'd like to know as well. -- JimmyCerra

If it weren't considered OffTopic, he should make a WalledGarden detailing the implementation, complete with source code.

Probably because he does not want to get 1,000,000 emails asking for support! -- jmkeuning

I stopped wondering long ago. = Bill we should get in touch with the Congress of New Urbanism

Ward's code has numerous unfixed bugs (see WikiWikiBugs), so it's far better that others create their own wiki software, resulting in a wide choice of WikiEngines being available.

Note that the engine running this wiki is a custom set of scripts which have not been released to the public. The WikiEngines included with TheWikiWay's CD (QuickiWiki/ClusterWiki) may be similar to the engine running WardsWiki, but they are not identical.

See also DownloadWiki


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