Anonymous Donor

One of the DramaticIdentities used here on the C2.

Someone had something to say but didn't want to encumber it with his or her identity. This tag can be used to avoid ambiguity with signed content. Be aware that different comments signed by AnonymousDonor may have different real-world authors.

Anyone can use this name. You can become an AnonymousDonor (for purposes of RecentChanges) by setting your UserName to AnonymousDonor.

Sometimes someone will add the AnonymousDonor signature to a comment which was previously unsigned, in order to separate it visually from the (new) comment which follows it. (Alternatives are to draw a horizontal rule, or to put one comment into italics, but some of us like signatures.) So you may find your own unsigned comments are later attributed to the AnonymousDonor.

Your UserName does not help or hinder ThreadMode. Rather, signing comments on a page may make reducing ThreadMode more difficult. Using AnonymousDonor, or any anonymous UserName removes accountability for your posts, and should thus be used sparingly. It is most appropriate when doing minor edits, which will not be controversial. See a discussion of this under AnonymousIdentity.

Surely the most qualified contributor to ExtremeHumility?

Historic note: AnonymousDonor was first used when refactoring ThreadMode discussion that had become confusing. Some people signed their comments, and others used italics. Some comments were best rewritten as header "factual" information (with no signature). But some of the remaining ThreadMode discussion remains, and was easier to read when the change in author's voice was more apparent.

The anonymous writers did not appear to be AnonymousCowards, and were not making ExtremeStatements. They just failed to identify themselves by name - something we encourage on Wiki. ;-> -- JeffGrigg

For some reason, I'm accumulating animosity toward AnonymousDonor. Not the concept, but the imaginary person created in my mind by all of the AnonymousDonor contributions. He comes off as a real jerk. -- EricHodges

Ya, I'm real upset with that AnonymousDonor. Who does he think he is? :)

More importantly, whom do YOU think he is - and why assume he is a he? :-�

Whomever it is has grammar issues! I just corrected one. ;)

[Is that...OMG, the GrammarVandal!!!]

We are AnonymousDonor. You will be assimilated.

You have no chance to survive. Make your time.

The anonymous donors on the wiki are likely to be from a different glob of Anonymous than the ones that have been making the social news websites lately.

This AnonymousDonor dude has become a quite prolific writer, I see. -- JeffGrigg

See: AnonymousGroup, DramaticIdentity, UnknownDonor

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