Text Formatting Rules

For some examples of how these rules are used, see TextFormattingExamples.

To experiment with these rules, please try editing the WikiWikiSandbox. Please, do not experiment with this page because that is extraordinarily bad form.


Horizontal Lines



 This is text in a monospaced font indented with a space.
This is indented with a tab stop.
This is not.

You can generate vertical whitespace by using multiple newlines after a monospaced line, but doing so to create more than one blank line is discouraged.

Indented Paragraphs (Quotes)

This is quoted. (When a quoted line wraps, it too is indented maintaining an indented block.) If the text continues for a bit then the feature will be demonstrated nicely. You will see that each successive line is indented.

This isn't.


Indented paragraphs are actually a special case of definitions. For example, to define a gnu, we would use

A furry animal.
You may use bold (see next paragraph), then it looks like this:
A furry animal.



AnswerMe: Would it be possible to provide the same thing for other materials using ASIN instead of ISBN? -- AalbertTorsius [Linking to what? Amazon doesn't have many such materials.] [Just about anything that's not a book, right? Such as B000060PEU is http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000060PEU (a Wacom drawing tablet) - and amazon certainly sells a lot of things that aren't books.][This could also be useful to link to scientific papers online via http://dx.doi.org followed by a number such as 10.1038/1011 which provides a unique and stable link to the article (e.g. http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/1011) and works for all publishers (Nope. It's not a stable link. This is a BrokenLink. 2005-09-19)]

WikiCase is needed to link to a single word [WikiSingleWordProblem]

Wiki has no syntax for an anchor point within a Wiki page; WikiWikiWebFaq explains why.

Wiki's TextFormattingRules aren't HTML


None of these work here:


Q: Why not include into Wiki abilities to make tables? I think, it's one of the most important thing when discussing mathematics, for example.

A: Serviceable tables can be done with preformatted text, e.g. the table at the bottom of TextFormattingExamples. Many other WikiImplementations do implement WikiTables, including Ward's own QuickiWiki.

I find myself wanting to add a link from a page here on WardsWiki to a page on a SisterSite. What's the best way to do that? (a) Directly include the full URI; (b) use the WikiName to a stub page here, then put the full URI on that stub page; or (c) some other method? -- DavidCary

There's no established convention. One method would be Meatball:WikiName, which links to a page from which you can click on the meatball logo to get to the proper page. There's no need to create the page on this wiki if it doesn't already exist.

Look at the bottom of this page (TextFormattingRules). You see those convenient little pictures that link to SisterSites? Do those automatically show up when sister sites have pages with the same name? Does Ward manually stick those in somehow? Or is there something I/you can do to make those show up? (I mean, they *already* show up on this page; how do I make them show up on *other* pages?)

They will be shown in due course - the process is automatic, but not necessarily immediate.

So how, without using HTML character entities, do I type a character which is not on my keyboard? -- DamianYerrick?

Copy and paste from somewhere else (such as UtfEightValuesForUmlauts), or, in MicrosoftWindows, hold down the Alt key, then, using the numeric pad, type 0 followed by the character's 3-digit ANSI (decimal) code (up to 255). (The second method doesn't work for the tab character in some browsers.) -- AnonymousDonor

Inserting raw character codes (which is what ALT+number does) is not portable. It is specific to that platform, and the character set you're using. I will see something different. On the other hand, HTML character entities are, per the standard, portable. So that isn't a good solution. -- BenScott

Use Unicode (And set your browser to UTF-8). You can enter Unicode characters on Windows/MacOSX/X11 using Ctrl+Shift+CODE (Hold down Ctrl, hold down Shift and type in the code in hexadecimal).

But there's still a portability issue for the readers of the text, who may not be viewing it as Unicode, eh? So at minimum you also need to tell everyone on every platform using every conceivable version of every conceivable browser how to make sure their tool displays Unicode (and how to get the font needed, if Unicode characters are used that are outside the font set provided by default on the platform/tool in question.)

However, as of May 2006, this wiki reports its encoding as UtfEight, so that is the encoding to use.

This wiki is quite bare bones, and intentionally so. Less formatting means you have to concentrate on saying things carefully and clearly. Content over form.

If the topic of a section is important enough to link to, it's important enough to dedicate an entire page to that topic. After RefactorByExtractingToPage, it's easy to link to that section. (Link to the page it has become).

Q: Is there no way to do inline monospace text? It's useful to distinguish commands from surrounding text.

A: Inline, no. Only in its own block, by indenting at least one space.

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