Wiki Case

Initial letters capitalized and words run together (e.g., CapitalizationRules), but each capital letter must be followed by a lower case letter (hence one-letter words are not accommodated). Often referred to as CamelCase also (or more precisely, upper camel case, a.k.a. PascalCase).

WikiCase isn't a perfect LinkPattern (see WikiSingleWordProblem, but usually it's GoodEnough.

According to this definition, WhyUsePHP or WhyPHP is not proper WikiCase. Why?

In part, simply because that's the way Wiki's creator defined it, but that's not enough. Perhaps the basic idea is to ensure both that the writer does something specific to create the link, and that pages have descriptive names. Forcing pages to have more than one word accomplishes both of these aims at the cost of not having single words, and having to adopt some sort of compromise for abbreviations.

from CamelVsNonCamel:

Historical Note. Some people wonder why they can't make anything they want be a link, especially when they can make anything, including images, be links in html. Some insight may be had by understanding that I was not searching for a link formatting syntax when I created Wiki. Rather, I was looking for specific characteristics for whole pages, including their titles. I was pleased when I realized that the titles I wanted could be recognized with sufficient reliability despite my adding no additional markup whatsoever. -- WardCunningham

Would it be practical to have a prefix which does not render - like "WikiLinkGnosis" would trigger a link to "Gnosis"?

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