Tek Labs

TektronixInc, back in the company's glory days (when they were a 25,000 employee company with fingers in all sorts of technology pies, rather than a 4000 employee company that only makes test equipment) ran an R&D lab with a number of departments, some that came and went.

Systems & Cybernetics Research

Computer Research Laboratory

Software Productivity Technologies

The labs were also forever working on color printer technology. That stuff seems to have paid off; though that division was sold to XeroxCorporation.

It is somewhat astounding that the percentage of TekLabs projects that actually turned into products was so high. Here's a few:

It is also somewhat sad to note that even with the large percentage of successes, TekLabs was unable to survive the R & D cutting period of the late 70's and 80's without major cutbacks.

FiscalPrudence? or CorporateShortSightedness?? You be the judge...

TekLabs no longer exists. Tek still does do quite a bit of pure research; but it is very focused on their current product line.

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