Jan Steinman

I had the great pleasure of working with Ward in the 80's in TekLabs (http://www.bytesmiths.com/Publications/stitl/s031.ssi) (AKA "The Great Smalltalk Consultant Spawning Grounds").

Now I search the world for companies in search of objects.

Since forming Bytesmiths in 1991, I've worked on trading systems on Wall Street (who hasn't!), built a telecom management system in Switzerland, and a network management system in Canada, among other things.

I'm particularly interested in the impact of Smalltalk on the development process, and I wrote a column in The Smalltalk Report (http://www.bytesmiths.com/Publications/9506ManagingDocs.html) and give conference presentations (http://www.bytesmiths.com/Publications/stitl) on the topic.

Coming back to the theme of this site, I'm interested in "patternizing" human collaborations. (Of course, shrinks have been doing this for decades...) What kind of person makes a "natural Smalltalker," whatever that is? What kind of person never "gets it?"

DonOlson has a great collection of these people patterns, to which I'd like to add to AntiPattern the case of TheLoaner, a person you don't want to meet on a late project!

Update: I'm no longer doing professional software development. Instead, I haul my photography around to art festivals, where lots of people admire it and don't buy it. :-)

So now I'm strictly an amateur (from Latin "to love") hacker. Visit my new (as of 2002.09.11) Wiki at http://www.bytesmiths.com/wiki.

Reinventing myself once again, I'm now in the process of developing an "ecovillage" with a number of other like-minded individuals. We have a wiki at http://www.EcoReality.org. To prevent referrer spam, it's closed, but send me a note about your interest in the topic, and I'll add you as an editor.

Also possibly of interest: "Veggie Van Gogh" is my vegetable oil conversion of a diesel step van. We also have an '89 Dodge Cummins diesel, '85 VW Jetta diesel, and an '82 VW Vanagon diesel -- all running on biodiesel. We're pretty much fossil-fuel-free!

Back to the topic at hand: I have a bunch of info about Veggie Van Gogh on a wiki at: http://www.Bytesmiths.com/Van. It's closed-editing -- let me know if you want an edit account there.


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