Simon Michael

I am a freelance web developer, sysadmin & zope consultant. I have a small website at, and a wiki-clone that's coming along quite nicely (ZwiKi)...

Some current interests: ZopeApplicationServer, DebianGnuLinux... and, of course, wiki.

"Previously, he worked as a software engineer, helping to build multi-cpu routers... While there, among other things, he threw out and replaced a legacy UI system under pressure; spent much time HeroicDebugging; experienced various stages of DeathMarch; designed an early web-based device management UI; nurtured use of the web, FreeSoftware, and swam upstream towards the principles of ExtremeProgramming."

This is my second discovery of the WikiWikiWeb (Aug 1999) and I'm happy to find it thriving. Last time, it was all DesignPatterns; this time, I have been inhaling ExtremeProgramming. Wiki makes knowledge transfer go very fast.

-- Simon (email:; home pages:,,,

2001/01/23: posted a short interview today: "Making the best of a wiki" (


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