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The ProWikiSoftware is a WikiClone forked from UseModWiki Vs.0.88 in 2000. Large parts of the original source (3200 lines, Perl) have been rewritten, numerous features have been added (Vs 2.0.38 now contains 17500 lines). It is available from SourceForge:

ProWiki is actively developed using ThelopLanguage principles. The ProWikiSoftware is very configurable, because configuration is done in wiki subpages (revision archive!) and can therefore be effective for any part of the hierarchical page tree (branch). A page can have its individual configuration, that means e.g. an individual template (layout) and access rights (but more than a hundred options can be redefined). A branch can be like a separate wiki with his own RecentChanges, system of categories (folders) and its own UI language. In August 2004 ProWikiSoftware runs about 80 wiki projects on three different physical servers that get software updates daily. It is ASP, not OpenSource. It has a consistent codebase. Being all-inclusive, anyone can own a wiki and get all bug fixes and improvements (e.g. WikiSpam defense) without additional efforts or costs while sleeping. Personal wikis start at $18/month. Unlimited wikis for schools are $60/month. Other wiki projects are typically $50-$150/month. Support is free and there is no upgrade pressure. Communities in public interest are often hosted free of charge (just ask for an offer or additional information).

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Jeder, der Interesse an einem Aufbau eines deutschsprachigen (oder auch englischsprachigen) Wiki hat, ist herzlich eingeladen, sich mit mir in Verbindung zu setzen. [Translation: Everybody, interested in building a German or English Wiki, is welcome to contact me.]

-- HelmutLeitner

Starting with April 10, 2004 we give away some FreeWikisForSchools. -- HelmutLeitner

Now hang on a moment. Forked from UseModWiki but not OpenSource? How is that possible without violating UseModWiki's license? Or has the license changed since version 0.88?

There was no obligation in the license to make changes available to the public. The ProWikiSoftware is available for use in the restricted context of ASP only. So technically the license hasn't changed, but it would be misleading to name it OpenSource, because you can't download the software. -- HelmutLeitner


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