Pointy Haired Boss

A technically-clueless master of bullshit and bureaucracy-surfing.

A graduate of DilBert University trained to insinuate himself between the big shots above and the grunts below. See IEEE Software Sept/Oct 1998 p.18.

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Sometimes used as a DramaticIdentity here on WardsWiki.

Some PHBs will drive you to work for the competition. When you announce you are leaving, they might just throw a chair across their office, and emit an obscenity-laced tirade implying they are going to "bury" that competition. See http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/09/05/chair_chucking/ for the incident that inspired this paragraph.

The value of this tactic in retaining the employees needed to accomplish that "bury" UserStory using clean code (instead of dirty tricks) is currently a matter of debate.

You can "bury" the competition literally with dirty tricks (ie, have them rubbed out), or you can "bury" them figuratively by producing a superior product. The "UserStory" thing is just an extension of the metaphor, I think. In any case, chair-throwing is not the way to accomplish it, and is a symptom of acute AlphaMale TestosteronePoisoning?.

Kiss-up traits of a PointyHairedBoss:

Kick-down traits:

Based, as usual, on a true story; and all the same boss. >sigh< --PhlIp

Reading List:

11 January 2004

A perfect example of a mutual lack of responsible task assignment and problem follow-through as well as a revelation of the absence of an honest dialogue. Things really don't go down like this in a survivable LearningOrganization -- DonaldNoyes

PHB #1: "This survey shows our employees think we in management are clueless superficial jerks. What do we do about it?"

PHB #2: "I got it! Fire them all and outsource their work to new people who don't yet know we are clueless superficial jerks."

PHB #1: "Brilliant! Let's vote ourselves a raise for this plan!"

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