You Know Youre Ina Bleeped Company When

Substitute your favorite expletive... but be sure to visit to read all about your employer.

WarningSignsOfCorporateDoom covers downturn-related scenarios. This topic is more about all-around bad, not just (identified) Titanics in the making. Amazingly, bleeped-up organizations can survive in stasis for long periods due to the likes of monopoly power, evil patents, brand-name stickiness, pork laws, etc. The "corporate doom" topic pertains to signs management knows the ship is taking on water quickly. If you (or fellow peons) seem like the only ones concerned about the icebergs in sight, then this is the topic.

A: The wall-clock is way behind. What's up with that?

B: Probably the company trying to get free overtime out of employees.

A: Just dead batteries.

B: No, the employees are not quite that bad.

A: I meant the clock batteries.

See also: YouKnowYoureInaBigCompanyWhen (size-specific baddies), WarningSignsOfCorporateDoom, PointyHairedBoss

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