Peter Murchland

I am a strategic consultant, assisting clients to align business and information strategies. My fields of interest include StrategicPlanning, EnterpriseArchitecture, BusinessProcessManagement, InformationSociety planning, ElectronicCommerce and KnowledgeManagement.

In 1998/1999, I was working with a group of people to design the necessary conditions for the emergence of a KnowledgeEcologyNetwork. It was during these discussions that DenhamGrey drew my attention to this site, and suggested that it should be considered for pursuing KnowledgeAnnealing and as a tool for developing a DisTinctionary.

My family and I live in Adelaide (pop 1.1m) in South Australia - see for more information about SA

My contact details are as follows:

Peter Murchland, Strategic Consultant, Adelaide, South Australia

Phone +61 4 1383 4296,


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