Knowledge Ecology Network

Work is currently proceeding on the establishment of a Knowledge Ecology Network (KEN). Our first newsletter provides some information about KnowledgeEcology and KEN. Check

We are now about to embark on our second phase in developing KEN - the KnowledgeEcologyWorkgroup. We have created a public website which describes some of what we have achieved in our first phase, and what we propose to do over the next four months in our second phase. This site offers to opportunity to become part of the second phase which will be launched on 15 September 1998.

KnowledgeEcology seeks to focus on the relationships, learning and social processes concerned with knowledge exchange, creation and use. In contrast with KnowledgeManagement, KEN is considering adopting a social recruiting paradigm and hopes to help business and not-for-profit organizations copw with cultural changes and the people aspects of the networked economy.

KEN will cover some very interesting topics including the use of patterns as a knowledge representation and process. One of the topics earmarked for the next phase (starting 15 Sep 1998) is a distinctionary, i.e. a tool and the associated social process to assist with making meaning and deepening group understanding of complex concepts.

A distinctionary puts the focus of the difference between the core concept and closely allied but separate concepts. The whole idea is to sharpen the fuzzy boundaries of a concept by helping the group discern when they have crossed the boundary into a neighbouring topic.

Stay posted for breaking news on this exciting venture.


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