Denham Grey

I'm a KnowledgeManagement consultant from Indianapolis with a passion for virtual teams, knowledge ecology, communities of practice, distance learning and building corporate memory. Currently I'm exploring different 'conversation' models and heavily involved with the launch of community model in the Structured Settlements industry. KnowledgeAnnealing, which seems to be taking place here, is an interesting experiment in knowledge structuring & sharing.

Background: I come to knowledge ecology from expert systems, forest growth projection and GIS. My background experience is in plantation forestry, soil science, decision support and computer modeling. Most of my career has been in forestry research with a commercial timber company in South Africa. My interest in knowledge management dates back to 1985 when I was first introduced to heuristics. Way back in 1989 I published my first paper on KM.

Interests: Virtual teams, distance learning, corporate memory, knowledge audits, deep dialog, memetics, collaborative filters and knowledge sharing.. In this networked knowledge economy we have to be continuously learning, remain flexible, and tuned into the weak signals from a dynamic and responsive personal network.

Present occupation: Currently I'm production manager in a high tech bicycle firm , drafting guidelines for a knowledge audit handbook, helping a client with a knowledge management strategy for recruiting computer consultants, working with my partner Patrick Hindert in the Structured Settlements industry.

Favorites: VernaAllee has written the top book on knowledge management called 'KnowledgeEvolution?', Marc Demarest holds my best spot for an article titled "UnderstandingKnowledgeManagement?".

 My best link for learning is:

Contact info: BTW most of my Wiki activity has shifted to the PyWiki server of TimVoght.

Please leave me a message or a link I should follow: I will delete links after I have seen them. (BTW, this idea was stolen from DaveHarris)

Have been pondering the use of Wiki for capturing organizational memory. In particular, its use for small research teams where collaborative documentation is the main artifactual representation and product. Can anyone help me locate Wiki examples (templates?) where this genre is used for problem solving, co-ordination, scheduling and tracking commitments, or good exemplars of capturing design rationale? [September, 18th, 1998: DenhamGrey]

DenhamGrey out and about in Wiki land: here are a couple of Googles with more stuff about Denham Grey and wiki (search for Denham Grey and wiki) at: and yet more (search for DenhamGrey and wiki) at: (JohnDeBruyn, June 6, 2001)


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