Patterns Of Enterprise Application Architecture

Very good book from MartinFowler, describing patterns for EnterpriseApplications.

View old versions of several of its chapters at

Links inside that page not work, some points to another page which says Failed Connection (e.g. Domain Logic), Others (e.g. Layers) have useless link which says "ISA is now closed". Help for using WaybackMachine to find more related info for this book please

Summaries of each of the patterns can be found at

A sample chapter, "Mapping to Relational Databases" can be found at

ISBN 0321127420

This is a very good book that covers a lot of important ideas/techniques in distributed computing for DotNet and JavaTwoEnterpriseEdition. Pity it has a really ugly red cover. It seems that they decided not to go with the ugly red sportscar cover. At least in the hardback US edition. It has a lot of typos but it's on a par with the GangOfFour book when it comes to ObjectRelationalMapping patterns and J2EE patterns. It's still too early to tell how good the .Net stuff is.

How relevant is this book to people still developing VbClassic applications in accordance to DistributedInternetArchitecture? PleaseComment

The book is not exclusively or even primarily about distributed computing. See FirstLawOfDistributedObjectDesign. -- DagfinnReiersol

OK. However Enterprise applications are either developed on BigIron (e.g. BigBlue), or one of EnterpriseJavaBeans (distributed processing) or DotNet (distributed processing).

Most of the pattern material relate to the distributed processing scenario, so my question related to DistributedInternetArchitecture is still valid. --DavidLiu

According to a consultant, I just worked with, does the book cover lots of problems and traps in developing JavaTwoEnterpriseEdition Applications. And most of these problems are more design & conceptual questions rather than Java Questions. So with a bit of abstraction work, it should be fine for other languages, when it comes to distributes EnterpriseApplication. --NorganHan?

See also QueryObject, DataMapper, EnterpriseApplication

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