Wayback Machine


It allows you to fetch older versions of webpage. Especially useful if a page is not reachable, even if it is gone for a longer time. Note that there is a long pause before the site responds - time travel takes time.

There is a BookMarklet to fetch old versions of changed/unreachable pages on http://www.gyford.com/misc/wayback.html

To open a new window use this:

I tried the above in the location box and it worked, but nothing happened when I invoked it via a bookmark.

You may want to try this:

It works for me. -- FabioVitali

For some browsers for which the above doesn't work, try this:
javascript:var siteToFind = prompt("Site to search for:", ""); if (null != siteToFind) {location.href = "http://web.archive.org/web/*/" + siteToFind;}

WaybackMachine QuickQuestions

Q I need a way to overcome MicrosoftCorporation's practice of withdrawing useful developer information from their web sites. Unfortunately even on the WaybackMachine I find www.microsoft.com/dna is remapped to www.microsoft.com/net. Or is that hidden in some tricky places in my IE browser and /or .NET compatible WindowsXp setup?

I need to be able to rely on a large body of materials on VbClassic, as otherwise I will be less useful to my employer who has tasked me to keeping up with this dated but still useful technology. Outside of Microsoft material on older but useful technology are disappearing faster than I can learn as well (see for example Vb2theMAX site switching to DotNet in its entirety in 2004)

Anybody able to help me find expired Microsoft material using the WaybackMachine? -- dl

A Paragraph 13 in the Wayback Machine FAQ page: http://web.archive.org/collections/web/faqs.html#exclusions

See also GoogleCache and InternetArchive

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