Big Blue

An idiomatic nickname for InternationalBusinessMachines.

Anyone seen reports of companies replacing (not supplementing) BigBlue setup with Java, Microsoft or another setup in order to reduce development and operation costs for computing?

Is it still a PipeDream? Have there been credible studies taken to assess cost effectiveness of such undertakings?

Online Resources regarding BigBlue

Anyone know of good online forums for developers? Looking for one that preferably is not vendor managed.

BigBlue vs MicrosoftCorporation

Back in the days when BigBlue was the number 1 company, it helped MicrosoftCorporation get started with MSDOS on its IBMPC. Around 1990 the two companies started to go separate ways when MS launched its WindowsOperatingSystems v3. The rest is history.

Never quite understood that phrase - "The rest is history". It seems to me that it's all history ...

Use the phrase when giving oral history, as "the rest is (written) history"... -- JerryAndrews

Now in mid 2004, there are news that BigBlue is helping to provide a technical solution to lessen MicrosoftCorporation stranglehold on desktops. See Financial Times article at

I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "Noone ever got fired for buying Blue". Never fails to evoke a sigh of despair from me.

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