Java Two Enterprise Edition

Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE), a Java platform from Sun. See

J2EE includes technologies like: EnterpriseJavaBeans, JavaServerPages, and JavaServlets.

There is a book called the SunCertifiedEnterpriseArchitect... EjbTwo is the starting point for V2 of JavaTwoEnterpriseEdition for this wiki

J2EE landscape

Different implementations become separate competing products (Feb05)


For BigIron shops that use BigBlue their needs are well taken care of, if they have the budget. See for example, EnterpriseJavaBeansInCics as the bridging mechanism.

JavaEnterpriseEdition version 1.4

This is the starting base where SunCorporation got to join and deploy the MicroSoft / IbmCorporation led WebServices developments in SoapProtocol, WebServicesDescriptionLanguage, etc. See Aug03 article at

I also recommend the J2EE Bible (The 1.4 Edition) published by John Wiley and Sons

see: EjbLinks, CategoryJavaPlatform, CategoryEnterpriseComputingConcerns

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