Inter Wiki Name Scheme

Since this original proposal was made (2001), the rest of the WorldWideWiki has standardized on the syntax "prefix:WikiWord". Each wiki then defines an InterWikiMap which translates prefixes to a suitable URL (such as "c2 ->")

Proposed Scheme:

  1. All InterWiki pages would take the form MyCategory?.MyPageName?.
  2. RecentChanges would bee customized by using a URL of the form: http//interwikiserver?recentchanges=category1?category2?category3 ...
  3. Anyone could create a new category - Not a matter of voting. Not in the WikiNature ...

Does this imply that MyCategory?=MyServer?? My real question is how do we move toward supporting multiple Wikis or NameSpaces? being run from a single server?

Why do this? ''To serve separate audiences, create tighter RecentChanges and FindPages? lists, etc.)... -- BillSeitz

Running WikiClusters? (as I call them) is a separate issue - Implemented in LeufNetWiki. The latest iteration of this design has most of the script in a shared wiki.lib script. Accessing a particular wiki with a specific name fires up a short script stub. This defines/creates the page folder location based on the name and other unique parameters, and then hands off to subs in the library code. I did this lib thing mainly to keep core updates and extensions to a single common file. -- BoLeuf

Aren't there two separate issues here?

Shouldn't we use some kind of URI-based scheme for these issues?


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