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TalkPage is for HomePage what DiscussionPage is for any other WikiPage.

This page gives a suggestion for a different way of working on this wiki, which is used elsewhere.

This page is in DocumentMode. The DiscussionPage is here: TalkPageDiscussion

Explanation: The TalkPage concept is to complement the concept of DiscussionPage which suggests to append 'Discussion' to any WikiPage in order to separate DocumentMode of a general WikiPage from ThreadMode of the DiscussionPage. In this light TalkPage is the DiscussionPage of a HomePage. Since HomePages are considered a more private space, a page mainly edited by the person under who's name it is, it is also to the discretion of the "owner" of any given HomePage, how they like to handle their MailBox, either as part of their HomePage or as a separate TalkPage.

Please do not confuse TalkPage with other concepts like DiscussionPage or NamePage!

Where does it come from? I introduced this concept on 10/2014 shortly after coming to this wiki, on account of my MediaWiki based experience with those TalkPages. There nearly all WikiPages got a TalkPage attached to it automatically except for so called SystemMessagePage?s. --ManorainjanHolzapfel

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