People Projects And Patterns

"Who -- People, What -- Projects, and How -- Patterns"


People who are important to the practice of Software Development, that is... Not every famous philosopher belongs here; perhaps not even every software developer who has written a book. But if someone has said something important on the topic of Software Development or Patterns, by all means, tell us what important things they said.

On people pages - we describe individuals like Christopher Alexander or Kent Beck. People don't always write their own pages. There are too many noteworthy people to expect that to happen. Likewise, don't take what's there too seriously. If you find something you know to be wrong or inappropriate, take the time to edit it. Be kind and use understanding as some folks are new to this.


We believe patterns spread from person to person as they work together on projects. Just what are those projects? Look for project pages like MacApp or HotDraw or SmalltalkSummer. Don't look for secrets, and don't write any yourself.


Now these are the real gems. We're looking for that common knowledge that's so uncommon. For example, CommandObject makes undo and redo easy while WindowPerTask addresses updating issues in early ModelViewController (MVC). ModelRendererView describes a variation on the theme. These pages won't necessarily contain the usual parts of a WrittenPattern. We're just labeling ideas so we can study how they flow.


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