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A WikiHomePage is just a WikiPage where the title is your name. You can make a WikiHomePage by smashing your first and last names together like this: WardCunningham. You can then use that as your WikiSignature.

See AddingNewPages if you don't know how to add a new page to Wiki.

It is conventional to put 'CategoryHomePage' into each WikiHomePage. (If you're new to Wiki, and don't understand what a category or a WikiTag is, don't fret; you'll pick it up as you go along. Besides, a WikiGnome will probably add CategoryHomePage to your WikiHomePage for you.)

GabbyJohns? A Home Page that is not accessed for a long time could be marked for deletion, example below:

AreYouThere? OrphanPage, February 1, 2004; last edited March 14, 2002.

Do backlinks get checked before actual delete?

If the WikiGnome is doing the job right, yes.

A home page on WardsWiki is a great way to get your page (and not the pages

 ten-million-odd other slobs with the same name as you) high on Google's hit list. Especially if you edit lots of other pages on Wiki and thus have lots of BackLinks. (There's another one.) -- ScottJohnson GoogleLovesWiki.

Actually, most of the time, when you edit these wikis, no-one re-edits them... so it gets quite a bit too boring at times.

That's true - but this wiki is different.

So the content on the wiki page is not guaranteed ... it's like an announcement on a board that everyone edits to his liking so the initial idea is rarely conveyed? -- user exploring the wiki concept

So how does one host a Wiki site and what is needed? See RunningYourOwnWikiFaq.


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