Functionally Complete Crud Generator

Well, for a Crud Generator to be functionally complete it has to fulfill the following requirements:

With these rules, I realize that the only FunctionallyCompleteCrudGenerator that I have seen was Apple WebObjects DirectToWeb… All others (JbossSeamGen for example) are unable to deal with all the kinds of relationships in the IrreducibleComplexityEntityModel and, even without that limitation, are just unable to deal with requirements 2,3, and 4. because all of them force you to either violate transactionality by forcing you to save before navigation to the next node, or force you to pass all validation rules at a particular node before going to the next, or, have a really simple and powerless query by example UI.

I agree that there are very few tools out there that fulfill there requirements. WebObjects really was ahead of its time. But it's like Lisp: TooAdvancedForItsOwnGood often means proprietary lock-in or technology lock-in or community lock-in.

EditHint: Maybe the 'obvious' requirements of CRUD should be restated to provide a bit more context for the unsuspecting reader.

"Make possible to" is only part of the problem. "Make it convenient to" should also be considered. For example:

See Also: TheRadBottleneck, CrudScreen, CrudPatterns, CodeGenerationIsaDesignSmell, CreateReadUpdateDelete (for definition of CRUD)


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