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This category is on a developing discipline which is interested in the way and means by which things interact. These things need not be humans and/or machines. The interactions involved include Technical, Practical and Social concerns.

Because someone has created a well designed program or system does not necessarily mean that the program or system will be used as its originators had envisioned. This is because humans use a natural language and natural reasoning process as opposed to the technical and modelled processes present in computer implementations. As a result this category can be fruitful in establishing how design can take into account the Interactions and UsagePotential of a program or system.

It has been evident through simple observation that technically conceived processes on the internet have been utilized in ways not intended. This is why InteractionDesign is such an important field.

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User Interfaces are about what an interface is, Interaction Design is about why interfaces work or work not. Interaction is about how a human works; Interface is about how the computer works. This is enough of a distinction so as to provide both categories.

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