Wiki Spring Cleaning

A time between mid-March and mid-April each year when WikiCitizens join together in the Annual Spring Housekeeping of WikiWikiWeb. This event began in celebration of a milestone in the wiki's evolution marked by the contribution of more than twenty thousand WikiPages (see WikiAtTwentyThousand).

The aim is for a comprehensive re-evaluation of participation and the ReFactoring of pages that have major topical interest during the past year, but have not been refactored to retain the essential conformance to the page's title. This may have the additional effect of creating pages factored out of content to new pages with names and content matching (see ExtractPage).

To date, the results of annual housekeeping have been extremely beneficial, resulting in increased meaningful activity (see also PageChurn). However, it is not meant to replace ongoing efforts which are an everyday part of the WikiCommunity, but rather to focus on this effort and secure the help of a larger number of people.

Please note that WikiSpringCleaning is not synonymous with deleting! Sure, some pages should probably be deleted, but many only need someone to take the time to refactor them.

Things to consider before jumping in:

Places to Start:

WikiTags: Discuss at WikiSpringCleaningDiscussion.

Before the current round of Activities may we all take guidance from the WikiPrayer.


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