Xp Immersion Three

XpImmersionThree : KentBeck, RobertCecilMartin, RonJeffries, with guest speaker TomDeMarco was held May 8-12, 2000 in New York.

If you want to read more about XpImmersion you can read XpImmersionOne and XpImmersionTwo.

Attendees (who want to make their names known):

Monday started well. We got through the initial lectures and labs with a minimum of fuss.

Tom DeMarco was present throughout the day. He made an amazing comment early on. He said: "XP isn't just the best game in town -- it's the *only* game in town."

TomsTalkAtXpImmersionThree was about how to become an effective manager. It was all about how to deal with people. How to listen, how to praise, how to say thank-you, how to motivate, etc, etc. It was a terrific talk.

And so his "best game in town" comment was just some LeadByExample?

One night ( 11PM ), KentBeck gave a Smalltalk lesson.

One evening, RobertCecilMartin gave a pattern demonstration. Using a light switch, ftp, and system clock. The system clock example struck home with me ( ErikMeade ) as a concrete example of why programming languages need multiple inheritance.

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