Xp Immersion Four

XpImmersionFour: KentBeck, RobertCecilMartin, and RonJeffries. Will be held September 11-15, 2000 Chicago, IL. http://www.objectmentor.com

We have set up a special wiki to track the event. http://www.objectmentor.com/cgi-bin/immersionWiki.py . You can also get to this wiki by going to http://www.objectmentor.com and then clicking the wiki link beneath the XP Immersion IV link.

ObjectMentor has a new office; and we are very proud of it. We've set it up for doing XP ourselves, and for XP Immersion classes, and other classes as well. Immersion IV will be held in the classroom of our new facility. The Amerisuites hotel in Vernon Hills is a five minute walk away (http://www.amerisuites.com).

Guest speakers include MartinFowler and WardCunningham. Other luminaries that will be present include AnnAnderson, MichaelHill, JeffLangr, and DaveThomas.


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