Doing Stuff

We need to be found "Doing Stuff" and are not just "Talking about it" ThinkingOutLoud.DonaldNoyes.20120829.20121209

I am one who votes for this - DoingStuff. This follows "ThinkingAboutIt?" and "TalkingAboutIt?" and perhaps "PuttingItOnPaper?". The time comes when it is nearly possible to create the thing or event in real time and be able to show that "ItWorks!".

Groundbreaking starts often with the ceremonial plunge of the shovel into the earth where the thing is to be made. This is the starting point, when the will and the resources are commuted to a "Project". It may be backed up by intricate and detailed plans, as in the construction of a new hospital, factory, shopping centre or recreational site, or simply by "Planting" of a seed, being a potential, a notion, an idea, a possibility one may seek to complete by making concrete plans, or initiate "Research" into the avenues one might pursue to accomplish an end result.

I admire the pioneers and the planners who decide to "just do it". The frontiers in the western of U.S. became a place where such individuals and movements were found to be active. Also the guy or gal who starts a business in the garage or basement because of a desire to be "DoingStuff" and then found that what was made could be UsefulUsableUsed by thousands and millions! It starts with a notion which grows into an idea and them when one starts "DoingStuff" about it, it is a realized product.

This can be said for other things such as literature and technology which are more and more being realized through the ComputingParadigm?. Got an idea? Do something about it! Make it possible and real!



What people use to preserve and communicate their actions and interests:

It is very easy to tell someone else to do stuff and many edits and refactorings are suggested with devices like BrokenLink, EditHint, RefactorMe, etc.

What is needed is new useful content and such actions as:

These are applications of IsureCan instead of YouSureCan?.


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