Isure Can

A statement of a frame of mind and position on action/inaction. It is derived from skills, beliefs and attitudes DoingOutLoud.DonaldNoyes.20140730

For the unskilled, it needs to be shown to be true, since it may be questionable. For the skilled, however, its meaning is simple.

In both cases, it is an attitude arising from inner convictions and beliefs, supported or unsupported by reason. It is a common attitude, which is exercised somewhat regularly. Some use it to state an inner conviction which enables them to do the thing. Others use it to state confidence that the doing is either possible, or "It's my job".

The statement is also made in collective or impersonal form, as in We sure can, You sure can, They sure can, It sure can.

It is offered to demonstrate the likelihood of an activity.

There is a certain amount of AmericanCulturalAssumption here. IsureCan seems to be much easier for Americans to say than the British. My (American) wife was quite shocked by the attitude of British Tradesmen. The typical difference can be illustrated as follows:

In Texas, USA

In Yorkshire, England

I've noticed a corrollary to the tradesman anecdote. Britons, when in large groups and exposed to a long dely, have a little song that they sing: "Why are we waiting, Why-y are we waiting". The tune is "O Come All Ye Faithful". Possible implications:

IcanNot - The No Side.

I sure can

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