Addison Wesley

Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.

One of several PearsonEducation companies.

Publishing company that specializes in educational and technical books.

Some AWL books we have liked include (in no particular order):

They also publish the CppInDepthSeries, CppCommonKnowledge, the GenerativeProgrammingBook, RefactoringToPatterns and DesignPatternsInRuby.

Some have noticed a contrast between OreillyAndAssociates's focus on "application-oriented technology textbooks" and AddisonWesley's focus on "theory-oriented science textbooks."

Although Addison-Wesley does not publish Foo Bible titles (leave that to IDG et al.), some of their more popular titles are subtly promoted as bibles by providing a ribbon bookmark in the binding. ;-> The DesignPatternsBook, RefactoringBook, and RefactoringToPatterns (which has two) are examples. There may be others as well. One could say that religious fervor has developed around design patterns (witness DesignPatternsStudyGroups) and refactoring (popular among ExtremeProgrammers). I'm going to guess, though, that the beribboned editions appeared after the religious fervor started. -- ElizabethWiethoff

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