Anonymous On Purpose

A DramaticIdentity used to identify one who chooses to contribute to a page without overtones or emotional baggage which might be associated with a unknown, known, famous or an infamous name. This may be said to be the norm for contributions in an EgolessWiki. In fact as Ward has stated in many places, anonymous contributions are entirely appropriate, either in the case of original contributions or in the case of adding to a contribution or contributions made by others. This DramaticIdentity is not usually needed, but can be useful in the special condition when one insists on a poster showing his courage or confidence in what he says by "signing his works". It just isn't necessary. Point them to this page by signing -- AnonymousOnPurpose.

Other anonymous signatures, with arguments and reasons for an anonymous contribution:

Note that the RecentPosts mechanism no longer allows anonymity through the use of a UserName cookie. This greatly reduces the benefits of using the AnonymousOnPurpose user name. If signing work on a page, consider using AnonymousDonor instead.

This site prefers that those who choose to be anonymous use no signature at all. -- WardCunningham

Something to think about here:

To A Friend Whose Work Has Come to Nothing

 Now all the truth is out,
 Be secret and take defeat
 From any brazen throat,
 For how can you compete,
 Being honour bred, with one
 Who, were it proved he lies,
 Were neither shamed in his own
 Nor in his neighbours' eyes?
 Bred to a harder thing
 Than Triumph, turn away
 And like a laughing string
 Whereon mad fingers play
 Amid a place of stone,
 Be secret and exult,
 Because of all things known
 That is most difficult.
-- W.B. Yeats

See WhyWikiWorks

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