Lowell Lindstrom

mailto:lowell@oobeyagroup.com 630-335-0889 http://blog.oobeyagroup.com

Software developer turned "business geek" (thanks Kent!).

In late 2005, I started my own gig called The Oobeya Group. I help organizations understand and put to practice advanced management and development techniques ranging from Agile to Lean to TQM. I have been passionate about improvement my whole career and have experienced the range of approaches to change organizations. These include up front methods such as ISO and CMM and adaptive methods that we now call Agile. Transcending either of these approaches and the spectrum in between is the necessity to view organizations, teams, individuals, markets, projects and processes as ongoing flows, not static things or events. Maintaining this perspective and focusing on learning and adapting all the time will compensate for the weaknesses of either a pure predictive or pure adaptive approach.

I was in charge of business stuff from 1998-2005 at Object Mentor and started the customer and business management coaching practice there.

My software career started under the unmatched mentoring of RobertCecilMartin and the pleasure of working and learning from JimNewkirk. After an MBA and some marketing and sales gigs, I returned to team with UncleBob at ObjectMentor.

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