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        John is a full-time tax lawyer and part-time
        retread BBS and on-line service buff

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My on-line interests go back to the days that the Bit Net and its DOD buddy, whose name fails me this morning, when incubating the Internet. I cruised the on-line BBS circuit and developed some strong ideas on the organization and integration of the components of a site that best serve interaction between (and among) the software programs and the users. I also got into the BBS software, about five different packages, enough to run a board, and got a real feel for how difficult all of that is to optimize as a systems operator.

I am excited about the potential of patterns concepts for optimizing interactive communication and also with the potential of Wiki Wiki itself, the chosen means of communication here, by adding collaborative, hyperlinked, hypertext Web pages like those being generated here to a Web site.

The closest messaging application from my old BBS/on-line service days would be the message base program, Participate, which permitted a almost WWW threading and indexing of messages on a open ended message tree. Some of you may recall this program on the Source which was some years ago absorbed by Compuserve. After they captured the users of the Participation program it was dropped by them and it faded from memory.

A couple of Internet/WWW projects
I am now working to integrate email-based discussion groups, one a publishing project and the other an educational program, with Web resources. The two most recent projects are:

1. An on-line symposium with law professors and expert law practitioners on the future of the limited liability company and other unincorporated business entities. This symposium had two dozen panelists who were joined by 60 other law professors and practitioners who took an active in the proceedings. The symposium was presented over an email-based discussion group with about 650 subscribers. And to other, uncounted, participants who followed the proceedings with their Web browsers a Web-based message area that was tied in to the email group. The proceedings are being published (February, 1997) in the journal of the ABA Business Law Section, the Business Lawyer, which is the second most cited law journal in the world (after Harvard :) You can drop into the symposium Web pages at

2. The more recent project is an inter-campus law student seminar group with the same email, Web-message base and Web page support. The first inter-active lecture discussion in this group was lead by Tax Court Judge Stephen Swift who was assisted by a panel of law professors and practitioners. (A footnote: The Judge's lecture, on Tax Litigation in the Tax Court, was picked up by a USAID contractor/consultant in Moscow who invited the Judge to Russia for a week next month (March) to help the Russian government establish corresponding procedures for the administration of their tax system.) The home page for this discussion group is

 Project to adapt patterns concepts
I will be working on a project to redesign and integrate the email and Web based discussion groups to Wiki Wiki Web and vice versa. This will eventually involve the on-line publishing and educational programs just mentioned. We plan to start this integration with a couple of on-line drafting projects to which Wiki Wiki is particularly adaptable. Go to FrontPage for the starting point for the Portland Pattern Repository which is hosted by WardCunningham who authored WikiWiki the program that suports these read and write web pages.

My Wiki.Wiki.Sand.Box, home page and email

My WikiWikiSandbox is open for you to see how Wiki works. ''Quote from the Box: A place to say hello, talk to yourself, experiment with the edit window. Go for it-- at the foot of this page click EditText. Once the editor window is up click on GoodStyle if you need some hints. JohnDeBruyn (September 16, 2000) PS My first visit here to set this page up was circa February or March, 1997 when I was inviting some lawyer and accountant techies over to give WikiWiki a test drive.

My WikiBridge unveils a reencarnation of Wiki Wiki Web as a site for lawyers, CPAs and allied professionals. You can go directly to this new Wiki Wiki Web at:

looks likely bridge/ will be moving to or something like that which will be a subwiki off of I will be posting more about the move and such at

Some recent contributions here EmailBinders |

The proverbial home-page-under-construction is at

Over in a World of Wikis maintained in Germany you can find me at:;10

or drop me a note at

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Swiki: SwikiFarm hosted by Advantive Associates

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Another JohnDeBruyn wiki home page on a Moin Moin wiki in Germany

Lawyers exploring the internet and talking about technology and the law are at: and

Orginator of (1) the original WikiWikiSandBox page now known as WikiWikiSandbox which was started as a link from this page in 1997 [the page was in the internet archives which took a snapshot of that page back in December, 1997] Here is the link to that page at the Internet Archives:

and (2) the TourBus in 2001 and another, that didn't go anywhere, called HolidayGreetings :) but there is always my [there is a working link, need to fix]


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