Whitespace Language


A new EsotericProgrammingLanguage in which the only syntactically significant character is whitespace. Anything else is a comment, I guess.....

The constructs of the language itself are all opcodes forming a StackBasedLanguage with a heap. From this perspective, it is tremendously straightforward and useful by comparison with languages like InterCal or UnLambdaLanguage that don't directly provide, for instance, multiplication. Some Whitespace is written directly, but a great deal of it is written through an assembler.

{Whitespace is the only syntactically significant character in ForthLanguage. The parser looks for tokens separated by whitespace, looks them up in the symbol table and if not found tries to interpret them as numbers in the current language. Forth is, of course, stackbased.}

The operations start with a one or two character prefix denoting category, and are divided among:

Holy Cow, BrainFsck for spies! I've seen it all. This even beats Active COBOL Pages in the WTF category.


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