Web Objects Five Faq

Frequently Asked Questions about WebObjectsFive.

Q. Can there be native EOAdaptors for WebObjectsFive or can we only use the JDBC (JavaDatabaseConnectivity) adaptor?

A1. JDBC only, but you also need a database-specific plugin for EOModeler.

A2. You can get by without a plugin. It can handle semi-automatic pk generation, but that can be done via a delegate too.

You also need one PureJava plugin for the appserver, and one JavaBridge? plugin for EOModeler.

Q. Where can a person get the JDBC Oracle driver for MacOsx and WebObjectsFive?

A. Do the following:

Q. Can this adaptor update the database structure via the "synchronise schema" command in EOModeller?

A. Works with OpenBase that comes with WebObjectsFive, but a bug in the adapter requires at least one table exist in the database before it works.

Haven't tried the FrontBase? adapter yet...

Q. What changes have been made to the WOAdaptor? Is it also in PureJava now?

A. No, still in C. wotaskd and monitor are now in PureJava however (since they are WO apps)

The WOAdaptor connects to a standard WebServer rather than a servlet container, so it has to be in C (or a native-compiled language).

WebObjects 5 now finally supports running as a servlet as well as standalone (possibly via the adaptor).

Q. Is Linux a supported configuration for running the WOAdaptor?

A. Not officially, but people use it.

Q. What is the best debugger option for WebObjectsFive?

A. JSwat? AnswerMe

Q. Does it use Java collections or NS* classes?

A. NSArray, NSDictionary and friends.

Q. Does it run on JDK 1.1.8, JDK 1.3.1?

A. Any J2SE should do, but only certified against a few. (Mac OS X 10, Windows 2000 Pro, and Solaris 8) Officially need JDK 1.3.x!

Q. Can WOComponents be put into Java packages?


Q. Does WebObjectsFive support EnterpriseJavaBeans?

A. Yes, in 5.1. It includes the ExoLab?'s EJB container for basic test deployments, and can be deployed in a commercial J2EE server if need be. However, WO can be used directly with just a JSP server (like ApacheTomcat) and no need for the rest of J2EE. A little like rolling your own, but it's already rolled, and rolled correctly.

Q. Does WebObjectsFive integrate with Servlets/JSP?

A. Yes, in 5.1. WebObject? actions and dynamic components can be used through JSP tag libraries, there's documentation available on Apple's techpubs Web site.

Q. Is there a trial version?

A. A WebObjectsFive trial version was handed out at the WWDC. It expired September 30, 2001. It can also be downloaded from Apple, along with the developer tools.

WebObjectsFivePointTwo? can be downloaded from ADC.

Cost = $699. less for academic licenses. (Was $25,000 before 1998 -- perhaps that's why it never got the market share...)

Q. Are there any upgrade offers from WebObjects 4.0 and 4.5 to WebObjects 5.x?

A. No.

Q. Are there any upgrade offers from WebObjects 5.0 and 5.1 to WebObjects 5.2?

A. No.

Q. Where is that great article from Malcolm Crawford titled "Differences between WO4.5 and 5"?

A. http://homepage.mac.com/mmalc/delta5/ ( BrokenLink )

Q. What is that sudo command again?

A. sudo passwd root

put in the password of an account with admin privledges and a password for root account Directions will be there. follow them.

Q. Do EOPrototypes work in WebObjectsFive?



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