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TopLink is a 100%(tm) Java-based ObjectRelationalMapping layer (originally written in Smalltalk) developed by TheObjectPeople. TOP was sold to BEA in April 2000 with the TopLink product being split off and sold to WebGain. WebGain was an independent company funded by Warburg Pincus Ventures (majority share) with BEA holding a non-voting minority share. WebGain sold the TopLink product in May of 2002 to Oracle (WebGain has since ceased operations and other intellectual property it owned has also been sold).

The current version of TopLink is 9.03 - the (new!) home page is

It's highly regarded in the industry. -- KyleBrown

I just followed the links - they are no longer offering a free evaluation copy for their SmalltalkLanguage version.

I understand that, sadly, they are abandoning the (Smalltalk version of the) product. What a pity. Just another takeover casualty.

I wonder if there would be any way for them to OpenSource the SmallTalk version of TopLink?

I've talked to them about it...but nothing yet. Maybe if enough people make noise about it, then we can do something. -- AnthonyLander

I don't see that they're advertising SmalltalkLanguage support; just Java. Hmmm.

Also known as Oracle9iAS TopLink.

This is Oracle's newer version of the TopLink OR Tool. Oracle purchased TopLink in May of 2002, and now continues to develop and support it.

Applications using Oracle9iAS TopLink can store/retrieve Java objects into relational databases, XML files, or other data sources. There is no need to subclass data objects from pre-made class types, any existing data object can be mapped and stored.

Oracle9iAS TopLink has support for JDO APIs. Also, it is built on top of JDBC. This makes it portable across any JDBC compliant database: including Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, and Access.

A Wiki Wifi Authorization Server

I have created a Wiki about TopLink: At this point in time it's mostly my own notes + some stuff I lifted off the Toplink forum at Oracle. Maybe it'll grow into something interesting? --RenaudWaldura?

See TopLinkForJavaUsageExperiences


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