The Object People

The Object People was a software company, based out of Ottawa Canada and with offices in Raleigh North Carolina, Southampton England, and Bonn Germany.

They did training, consulting, and custom development in Smalltalk and Java. They also made TOPLink, an object-relational mapping tool that has versions in Smalltalk, Java, and Gemstone.

The company was founded by JohnPugh, WilfLalonde, and PaulWhite. Other wiki-referenced people who work there include AlanKnight (me), WayneBeaton, Ron Charron and CharleneBenson.

April 18, 2000, The Object People were acquired in two pieces. The services went to BEA, and the TopLink piece went to WebGain. For more information, see and

In 2002, Oracle acquired the TopLink product and team from WebGain.

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