Alan Knight

I'm a Smalltalk person, and I've been doing this for a little over 10 years.

I went to CarletonUniversity in what I think of as its glory days, where I studied with the likes of JohnPugh, WilfLalonde and DaveThomas. I did both a Bachelor's and a Master's there (computational geometry in Smalltalk/V Mac).

I worked for TheObjectPeople for almost 8 years, most recently as the architect (which means not coding much) on the TOPLink family of object-relational mapping products (Smalltalk, Java, GemStone). Since the absorption of TheObjectPeople, I've left and am now working for Cincom on VisualWorksSmalltalk. TOPLink was bought by WebGain and then picked up by Oracle.

I wrote a column for many years for TheSmalltalkReport? until its untimely demise. I've also given a presentation called "Secrets of the ENVY Masters" at the ESUG Summer School, Smalltalk Solutions, and at OOPSLA '98.

My e-mail is


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